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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

This review applies to version 7-SP2. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

ThumbsPlus SP2 is a graphic file viewer, locator and organizer.

It simplifies the process of finding and maintaining graphics, clip-art files, fonts and animations that you have in your drives, by displaying a thumbnail image of each file.
The program can be used to browse, view, edit, crop, launch external editors, and copy images to the clipboard. Using drag-and-drop you will be able to organize graphics files by moving them to appropriate folders. You can even create a slide show from selected graphics, and install bitmap files as Windows wallpaper.

You can build catalogues of your graphic files by printing the thumbnails.

The program also edits and converts graphics to several formats, one by one or in batch processing.

The program displays a list of folders in the left section of the screen, and the thumbnails of the graphics contained in them on the right. Double clicking on a thumbnail will allow you to edit the graphic associated with it by opening a new window.

You can also access a lot of features right clicking over a thumbnail.


  • It´s a simple tool to organize all your graphics.


  • None.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 49.6 MB

What's new in version 9.0 beta

- Update version and build info for beta 9
- Enabled updating of XMP fields based on image info and database info (i.e., annotation, keywords, user fields)
- UI icon updates
- Fixed memory leak in showlistthumb/realshowlistthumb
- Current thumbnail view mode now highlighted
- Fixed problem where individual or selected groups of thumbnails were not being updated on the screen after they were removed.
- Fixed crash when log functions pass null whence
- Fixed tree problem where some network paths where not correctly handled
- Fixed several cut/paste problems
- Fixed memory leak for view window status bars (pvp)
- Mostly fixed cut/paste from 48 and 16 bpp images, still some minor probs with 16-bit.
- Restoring from full-screen wasn't always displaying correctly.
- Fixed more general problem where in some resizing of the view window would not properly size and position the paint window.
- Fixed problem where T wasn't saving the expanded folder list on shutdown.
- Limited the saved expanded folder list to 500 elements.
- Log information when registering window classes, including failure messages.
- Added checking for ESC during tree expansions - especially useful for expand all (*)
- Changed TPWaitCursor logging to very verbose
- Enlarged Edit Favorites dialog and added a Sort button
- Fixed weird problem with overlays on tree icons (sometimes did not display properly)
- Moved tree data allocation to his own heap
- Fixed "Untitled" showing up on title bar. (InitInstance calls SetMainTitle() at the end)
- Favorite folders now marked in folder tree
- Folder icons now in multiple sizes for better appearance
- Updated folder icons (treemisc)
- Added missing item (fXempRotatePortrait or
- Fixed query for producing user list
- Fixed crash when trying to view task properties right as a task is ending
- Fixed bug in modified FullPathName;
needs further testing!
- Fixed some task weirdness and crashes
- Made Back and Forward drop-downs functional in tree toolbar
- Improved found file list speed
- Fixed sort by combos not always working
- Made thumbnail and tree pane toolbars non-customizable.
- Restored Assign User Fields to Thumbnail menu (needs icon)
- Embiggened Assign User Fields dialog
- Fixed FileList problem when growing after initial build
- Put Assign User Fields (Ctrl U) back on the menu
- Keep 2 levels of doing "what" for log (maybe used more in the future)
- Cleaned up some doing code
- Fixed right-click non-current folder with "show child folders"
- Changed RefryFileList to log callers
- Changed RefryFileList to process several of the refresh flags
- Removed "allocating only x bytes" warnings unless verbosity set
- Fixed problem checking doinglevel >0 after already incremented
- Made DoingStart and DoingDone log whence called
- Fixed right-click non-current folder with "show child folders"
- Fixed bad thumbnail painting when switching to/from display modes without thumbnails.
- Removed old win95 code w/r/t mouse wheel
- Cleaned up some code in tpviewctl
- Tested Boost for hash_map (unordered_map), but was a bit slower than VC STL.
- Changed parent window for task "show errors" to avoid having to wait on other Doings.
- Improved filelist verbose logging
- Fixed memory bug with which T never used a mapped file for large allocations.
- Fixed problem modifying file list after creating (due to bad implementation of previous performance optimization)
- Improved performance of file list building from O(n^2) to O(n)
- Fixed enumeration of clipboard files
- Fixed problem displaying any animated GIF files after the first shown in a folder.
- Fixed problem where images would not load in a folder after aborting the load of any image.

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    Coli U. Last year

    Been using this prog since it was first released and have always found it perfect for my requirements.

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    docbopp Last year

    ThumbsPlus equals perfect pictures.

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    John Wolever 2 years ago

    I wish someday Thumbsplus would fix the problem with "build slideshow" not displaying image comments. Comment appears on the first slide only. I have been reporting this problem for years.