ThumbsPlus 10.2

Organizes, views, and searches image files

Create and customize image database by importing and managing files in multiple formats. The suite supports thumbnails for a quick preview, features batch editing functions for resizing, panning and cropping, cataloging tools, etc. It supports multimedia and font files, digital images, vector files, fonts, videos, and metafiles.

The main aim of ThumbsPlus is to help you keep your photo collection perfectly organized and documented with minimum effort. Besides, this tool includes a series of useful extras that will allow you to edit and convert your images, to produce nice-looking slideshows, and even to print catalogs or create contact sheets of your favorite shots. All the most popular image file formats are supported.

At first glance, the program’s multi-paneled interface may seem a bit cluttered and unorganized. Far from it, ThumbsPlus offers an intuitive working space where the images in your collection are neatly displayed as thumbnails in the center of the interface, flanked by the location and preview panels on the left and the metadata and tasks panels on the right. The location panel is essential to help you organize your collection in meaningful directories, folders, and subfolders, while the preview panel will open up in a high-quality image viewer that will display the image selected in all its glory. Metadata are of the essence for any serious image collection. They do not only provide you with professional and personal detailed info about each photograph, but also allow you to find a picture in particular among the hundreds or thousands of other photos in your archive. ThumbsPlus offers you a wide range of tags that you can use in whatever way fits your preferences and needs. You can create your own sets of metadata, and apply them to different categories, to different products, or to different media, for instance. You can also edit the metadata of your photo albums in batches – you can select a specific set of data and apply the assigned values to any number of images in one single operation, modify the existing values, etc.

Apart from having all your photos perfectly cataloged and classified, ThumbsPlus is also a great tool to edit your images, either individually or in batches. Not being designed as a fully-fledged image editor, the editing tools provided are far from comprehensive, but will let you rotate, flip, and turn your pictures easily and without any quality loss. You can also normalize their orientation, modify the file information, and convert them into a dozen of the most widely used image file formats, such as TIFF, BMP, PNG, PCX, GIF, JPG, and even RAW. Equally important is the range of by-products that you can create with your photos without leaving ThumbsPlus. You can produce pro-looking contact sheets, catalogs, slideshows, wallpapers, and even take full-screen or partial screenshots of your desktop.

ThumbsPlus is much more than a simple photo organizer – it is a professional tool to document your photos, to view and locate them, to keep them neatly organized, and the number of extras that come with it are not easy to find in most similar tools.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Multi-paneled intuitive interface
  • High-quality image preview
  • Support for all popular image and video formats
  • Conversion and editing capabilities
  • Feature-rich metadata utilities


  • No significant drawbacks found
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